You Could Own The King Of Jordan’s Armored Ford Excursion Limited

An armored SUV fit for a king.

Are you in the market for a used SUV, but want something that fits your unique needs of bulletproof glass, armored doors, and a plush interior? Well, believe it or not, there’s a perfect SUV out there for you. Look no further than this massive 2005 Ford Excursion Limited built to tackle the daily commute and safely transport you away for any assignation attempts, all yours for $84,000.
The Ford Excursion in question was built specifically for Jordan’s King Abdullah II who has been since 1999. As we all know, it’s good to be the king, so Abdullah had this custom from Excursion built specifically for use at the Jordan’s Embassy based in the United States of America. This Ford Excursion had to be luxurious, practical, and above all safe. That is why this custom armored vehicle was built by the team at Becker Automotive Design who specializes in building customized armor vehicles for the ultrawealthy.

 Becker Automotive Design turns luxury SUVs into bulletproof sanctuaries and can offer various levels of protection ranging from small arms fire to bombproof luxury cocoons. There’s no clear indication what level this particular SUV is built to but let’s assume anyone who has the title of king isn’t going to skimp on armored protection. In addition to the safety enhancements, this particular SUV has a more luxurious interior with customer wooden inlays, extensive use of leather, various screens, cameras, and many more interesting features.

All of this could be yours from the low price of $84,000 which is a bargain in the world of armored luxury vehicles. So if you’re looking to stay safe in adverse conditions while remaining comfortable and entertained, nothing can beat this used Ford Excursion.  

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