This Sprinter Van Is Actually A Mobile Panic Room On Wheels

Electrified door handles are an option.

If you’re looking to travel in style while also being incredibly secure, then AddAromor’s Executive Protection armored Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is what you need. The company positions it as a “mobile safe room” for business executives, celebrities, or athletes who have concerns about their safety.

In addition to the armoring, the company can install offensive countermeasures like a smokescreen projector, pepper spray canister, and sonic cannon. Electric shock door handles are an option, too. Taking things even further, buyers can also specify hidden gun ports in the interior and an emergency escape hatch.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter By AddArmor

AddArmor builds these Sprinters to a client’s specifications. It’s possible to outfit them as an ultra-secure motorhome with a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping area. Another alternative is setting up the van for entertaining by placing large screens inside.

In the gallery, you can see two interpretations of the Sprinter’s interior. One of them features black seats with contrasting stitching. There’s a dark floor and blue accent lighting on the ceiling. A cabinet on the wall holds bottles of champagne and glasses.

The other vehicle has white seats and has a more business-like aesthetic. There’s a huge screen on the rear wall. Black cabinets run the length of the walls.

On the outside, there’s no indication that AddArmor’s Sprinter is different from a regular example. It would have no problem blending into the rest of traffic. Meanwhile, the occupants could be inside enjoying a movie knowing that not even a bullet could stop the party.

AddArmor’s packages start at $28,000. However, the base price isn’t going to cover the level of interior customization on display in these images.

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