Here's How The Skoda Octavia vRS Looks As A Shooting Brake And A Coupe

Skoda Octavia RS iV ShootingBrake

Egy Facebook kommentből jött az ötlet, hogy milyen lenne az új Octavia 3 ajtós kombiként. Íme, itt a végeredmény.


As much as we love the idea of the incoming Arteon ‘Shooting Brake’, the name of it – if that’s what VW actually ends up going for – is a little disingenuous. We’ve seen the Arteon SB undergoing testing, and it isn’t a true shooting brake – rather, a nicely stylish estate. For an example of a true, two-door shooting brake, we’ll allow the poshed-up Passat’s VW Group relative, the new Skoda Octavia vRS, to demonstrate.

At least, it’s able to do so via some digital manipulation, here at the mouse/keyboard of X-Tomi Design. It works brilliantly in this body style, we reckon.

Skoda Octavia RS iV Coupe

Bemutatkozott a hibrid hajtású Octavia RS, így nézne ki coupe modellként.


X-Tomi being an especially prolific renderer, he didn’t just leave it there. Also on the Octavia vRS Photoshop agenda is this gorgeous coupe. There’s as much chance of this happening IRL as the shooting brake, and by that, we mean no chance at all. But hey, we can dream.

Skoda Octavia RS iV Pickup

Egy kósza gondolat, ilyen lenne az új RS Octavia 2ajtós pickupként.


But is an Octavia vRS pick-up truck an imagined derivative too far? We’ll let you argue that one in the comments. But given what Car Throttle’s video team have been up to when it comes to utes, we’re inclined to dig it.

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