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TeslaCam Captures Unexpected Toilet Paper Hoarder

Seems almost everyone and everything is trying to hoard some toilet paper.

Toilet paper hoarding and toilet paper shortages are hot topics these days, so it’s no surprise really that a Tesla camera caught some hoarding happening, but this isn’t your typical hoarder and it’s not dozens upon dozens of rolls.

Obviously this video and our post here are just for shits and giggles, the latter of which we all need now during this time of crisis.

The TeslaCam video from a Model 3 captures a tumbleweed rolling by and if you look closely you can clearly see that some toilet paper caught in the tumbleweed. Since a tumbleweed has no use for toilet paper, then by definition it’s hoarding.

Luckily it seems only a couple of sheets are being hoarded by this rogue tumbleweed. If it were more, then perhaps the Tesla driver would have chased it down to add to his/her own personal supply of this scarce product that we’re all seemingly in exceptional need for right now.

Back to reality though. We do hope that everyone has enough toilet paper for their immediate needs and that hoarding stops. More importantly, we hope that you all are staying safe and free of this sickness that’s ravaging countries around the globe.

Video description via Vantlor on YouTube:

Footage from TeslaCam on a Model 3

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TeslaCam Provides Crash Course On How Not To Pass To Exit Highway

This clip shows us how you shouldn’t drive.

TeslaCam videos often capture crashes and wrecks. There’s no collision here, but what we do see if a bad driver making a dangerous move on the highway. This might seem to be a safe move for the driver in the car ahead of the Tesla, but from the viewpoint of the driver behind, it’s clear this is reckless driving.

Interestingly, the Tesla was on Autopilot at the time (Navigate on Autopilot, to be precise). However, the driver of the Tesla doesn’t mention if Autopilot slowed the car down to avoid the reckless Honda Accord driver of if he took control of the car to reduce its speed.

The video description does a good job at explaining what you’ll see in the video, but we’ll add that the driver of the Honda Accord seems oblivious to the fact that he/she is making a dangerous maneuver. The use of the turn signal seems to indicate this is just normal driving for this individual, but as we can see from the view of the Tesla, it’s just way to close for comfort. 

Video description via Life Of WheEVee on YouTube:

I was driving from AZ to CA using Navigate on Autopilot at about 75mph. The Honda Accord decided that instead of slowing and changing lanes into the travel lane to get behind me to exit, that he’d keep his speed up, then dart in front and across the gore line to make his exit, flinging debris up onto my hood.

I guess I should be grateful that he used his turn signal?

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TeslaCam Video Shows Limitations Of Humanpilot: SUV Drives Into Ditch

Tesla Autopilot isn’t perfect, but human error is the leading cause of car accidents.

To be clear here, this video makes no claim of a Tesla Autopilot save. That’s not the point. Instead, it’s just footage from a Tesla vehicle’s built-in dashcam (TeslaCam) showing an SUV driver that appears to be distracted, asleep, having a health issue, or just simply not paying attention.

As you can see from the video, the SUV driver crosses the middle line, drives toward oncoming traffic, and proceeds directly into a ditch. The SUV then rolls a few times.

Situations like this are the reason cars now come with a variety of advanced driver assistance systems. Human error, primarily distracted driving and drunk driving, leads to a multitude of accidents every day. While systems like Tesla Autopilot are far from perfect, they have the potential to save people from human-error-related car crashes.

People are still skeptical about such safety systems and semi-autonomous driving technology. This is to be expected. At times, features like Autopilot can be part of the cause of an accident. A few such crashes have resulted in fatalities. However, what we don’t often see is how many people are saved on a daily basis due to active driver assistance systems.

If you use Twitter, you may have seen the #humanpilot hashtag. It’s basically people showing that human drivers make plenty of errors, but it’s clearly an attempt to promote Tesla Autopilot and similar semi-autonomous driving systems. See below:

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