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Is The Tesla Model Y Quieter Inside Than The Model 3?

We’ve learned from many owners that the Model 3 doesn’t adequately filter out road and wind noise.

While many people have pointed out the road and wind noise in the Tesla Model 3, findings aren’t necessarily consistent. Of course, it’s not going to have the level of high-quality sound-deadening materials of some German luxury cars. Added to that, since its powertrain makes almost no sound, there’s not much to mask outside noises in the Tesla. 

We’ve heard now on a few occasions that the Model Y has better insulation and door seals than the Model 3. In addition, some owners have reported that it just feels more substantial and seems to be built with some higher quality materials. However, this is all subjective.

A true test of the Model Y’s road noise requires a decibel meter. Then, we can compare the cabin noise to that of the Model 3’s. Still, there are other factors, such as the model year of the Model 3 (changes may have been made), the amount of wind during testing, the amount of other road noise/traffic during testing, etc.

YouTuber and Tesla owner Ryan Wallace sets out to determine if the Model Y’s interior is quieter than the Model 3’s. According to his decibel meter, the results are as follows:

Tesla Model 3

  • 60.1 (parked)
  • 71.4 (acceleration test max read)
  • 67.6, 70.6 (lowest / highest read on highway)

Tesla Model Y

  • 59.5 (parked)
  • 71.2 (acceleration test max read)
  • 67.7, 69.5 (lowest / highest read on highway)

Video Description via Ryan Wallace on YouTube:

Is Model Y Quieter?

I wanted to compare the interior sound on the Model 3 to the Model Y. Is the Model Y quieter than the Model 3? This is a db meter test…

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Tesla Prepping 3-Row And RWD Model Y Crossovers For Delivery

Demand is down due to COVID-19, so a change of plans is in order.

It appears Tesla is getting set up to begin delivering less expensive rear-wheel-drive Model Y crossovers. In addition, people who ordered a Model Y with the optional third row are receiving emails asking for details to finalize the delivery process.

Tesla launched its Model Y all-electric crossover many months ahead of schedule. As is its standard practice, it’s only delivering two-row all-wheel-drive Performance and Long Range models at this time. These are the higher-margin vehicles, which must be sold first. Later, more variants will become available. More specifically, rear-wheel-drive cars and three-row configurations.

Ever since Tesla started deliveries of the Model Y, there have been questions and confusion about which vehicles are available for immediate delivery, which are coming soon, etc. This is because Tesla sent emails to reservation holders and/or updated people’s online order pages with confusing language. For example, we heard from some Model Y reservation holders that were told to “prepare for delivery” though they had ordered a three-row or RWD car.

At this point, the first batch of new Model Y owners were told their cars would be delivered between March 15 and March 31. Clearly, a number of Model Y crossovers have been delivered, but we have no way of knowing for sure how many. Moreover, we know of people who were promised that delivery window and have yet to get their vehicle. On the flip side, some reservation holders had their delivery date moved up and got their car ahead of schedule.

According to Electrek, some reservation holders who ordered the rear-wheel-drive Model Y Long Range have already been asked to provide Tesla with their payment information and trade-in details. Our friend and contributor Dan Zorrilla has a reservation for a Model Y Long Range (RWD) with the optional third row. He received the following information in an email on March 22:

Hi Daniel,

Welcome to our Tesla Family!

I wanted to reach out in regards to collecting your Payoff information.

Due to credit union policy, they are requiring the customer to be present on the call in order to obtain your current vehicles payoff information. Could you please contact them and provide us with the following pieces of information:

10 day payoff balance
Per Diem (Daily interest)
Payoff due date

Once we have the above information, we can finalize the delivery process as soon as possible.

Do you have a Model Y reservation? Please let us know which version you ordered and if Tesla has contacted you about taking delivery soon.

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Thank April 1st For This Tesla Model S Not To Become a Diesel Car

Anyway, something similar may still emerge as a warning on Tesla’s attitudes.

As promised, we have more news about the salvage 2016 Tesla Model S P100D that was converted to diesel with a VW EA 189 turbodiesel engine. Hitar Petar asked us to properly introduce him and his page on Wikipedia. Our Bulgarian and Macedonian readers hopefully laughed a lot with that. This Bulgarian folklore character was one of the clues we left for you to see the whole story was an April Fools’ prank. But the story was popular because it could be authentic.

We can see such a conversion coming in a short time. Not to have a usable vehicle, or something better than the Model S or any other Tesla already is, but to prove a point. If the company does not revise its Unsupported Vehicle Policy, people may find ways to make their salvage Teslas useful again. And that may not be as EVs anymore.

Not all salvage vehicles had issues with their batteries or electric system. Some just had costly repairs to handle, such as Jason Hughe’s:

“For example, my yellow Model S was recently totaled and will have a salvage title. The damage to the car was mostly superficial – three-quarter panels, a couple of doors – and the car was still driveable. Nothing mechanical or electrical was damaged. 

However, Tesla’s current policy means I can never supercharge that car ever again – even if I decide to keep it and repair it – because it will have a total loss salvage title.”

Remember Rich Rebuilds’ last video on this subject. Rich Benoit built a huge YouTube channel around his salvage Tesla Model S. He and his partners created a shop that is specialized in EVs. Yet, after Tesla cut not only supercharging, but also fast charging in other networks, he is considering to buy a combustion-engined vehicle instead. Come on, Tesla…

People that had tried to perform the inspection that would allow these salvage cars to back supercharging and fast charging back said it is expensive and useless. Tesla has not given this capability back to any of the inspected vehicles that we are aware of, and this is no prank. If you know about any case in which that happened, please let us know.

That will either make people root their cars and cut updates altogether – as some already wanted prior to this policy – or turn back to combustion-engined vehicles. Hopefully, they will choose EVs from other automakers that do not have such restrictive and invasive policies. Like Hughes, we believe this will eventually end in courts if Tesla does not prevent that:     

“Overall, it’s utter nonsense. It’s a garbage policy that just has no basis in reality. Tesla has no right to modify people’s cars without permission, especially if that modification is removing features that were part of the vehicle at the time of sale. I’d love to see this move through court, personally.

The sole purpose of it seems to be to force people to buy new or clean title used versus buy a salvage car and repair.”

Perhaps Tesla wants people to buy clean title vehicles like the 2018 Model 3 it was selling with paint and rust problems. If that car will need repair, why not allow other EVs it also made have a real chance of supercharging or fast charging without its interference? More than making some of you laugh with the joke, our prank was meant to make all of us think about one thing: it is better to have an adequately fixed salvage EV back on the roads than a brand new combustion-engined vehicle replacing it. Think about it, Tesla: a clean world also includes less junkyard material.

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Check Out This Upgraded Tesla Cybertruck Home Page: It's Full Of Flair

Tesla Cybertruck Owners Club believes Tesla’s Cybertruck site deserves some more flair.

The Cybertruck Owners Club online forum believes that the landing page for the Tesla Cybertruck doesn’t live up to the awesomeness of the vehicle. Instead of complaining about it, they decided to create their own landing page concept, which can be seen in the video above. 

They did some pretty cool work, and it’s definitely an improvement over the static picture of the Cybertruck on Tesla’s site. We got the tip from the moderator of the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, Chris, and he offered these thoughts on the work they did:

We’ve always felt that the Cybertruck page on the Tesla site could use some more interactive flair and motion like the pages for the production Tesla models. And since we’ve been stuck inside like everyone else, we used our time and imagination to put together this concept landing page.Cybertruck

The real Cybertruck website

So take a look ant let us know what you think. Like it? Hate it? Don’t really care either way? Granted this probably isn’t going to make any difference in whether or not Tesla sells even one more Cybertruck, but why not make the order page look at good as they can for the most outrageous vehicle that we’ve ever seen? If the crew at Cybertruck Owners Club can come up with this while they were bored, we’re sure Tesla’s developers can probably do something even better. 

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This Family Owns Every Tesla Model To Date: Time To Try The Model Y

Will they buy the Model Y? It would complete their lineup, but do they really need another Tesla?

Dan Markham and the What’s Inside? Family own a Tesla Model 3, Model S, and Model X. They’re also in the more exclusive group of people who own an original Tesla Roadster. If that’s not enough, Markham has a next-gen Roadster coming in the future. He actually won the car via Tesla’s Referral program. To top it off, he’s reserved a fleet of 51 Tesla Cybertrucks. Clearly, he’s not going to take delivery of 51 trucks, but he’s got one real order he may follow through with.

It makes perfect sense that Markham has received a lot of questions about the Tesla Model Y. Of course, people are curious if he plans to buy one. In addition, they’re interested in his opinion of the all-electric crossover as it compares to the rest of the Tesla lineup.

The time has finally arrived. Markham got his hands on a Model Y to check out and compare to his Tesla collection. He gives us a review of the car, takes it for a drive, and fills us in on his opinion. Will he buy a Y? Check out the video for all the details.

Video Description via WHAT’S INSIDE? FAMILY on YouTube:

Every Tesla Made! Model Y review

It’s finally here! Tesla Model Y! All the Tesla’s together, Model S, 3, X, Y and Roadster look great together!

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Tesla Model X Owner Gets Model Y: How Do They Compare?

Finally, it’s not a Model 3 owner reviewing the Model Y.

Tesla Model X owner Marc Benton just took delivery of his Model Y. He’s already received plenty of questions about the two vehicles and how they compare, so he decided to answer them collectively, in the form of a video.

Most reviews of the Tesla Model Y have come from Model 3 owners or people who have driven and reviewed the Model 3. This makes sense since many people own a Model 3. In addition, the Model Y is similar to the Model 3 in many ways. Moreover, while the Model 3 is Tesla’s “electric sedan for the masses,” the Model Y is its crossover counterpart.

When the Model 3 sedan first came to market, it was immediately compared to the Tesla Model S sedan. This was because people who owned a Model S or were interested in one would likely set their sights on the Model 3. The Model Y crossover is essentially the Model X crossover’s smaller sibling, so it just makes sense to compare the two.

Check out Benton’s opinion about Tesla’s two crossovers. Then, scroll down and share your opinion with us in the comment section.

Video Description via Marc Benton on YouTube:

TESLA MODEL Y VS. MODEL X… An Opinion From Someone Who Owns BOTH!

I have received a lot of questions asking my opinion on the Model X and the Model Y since we took delivery of our Model Y. So here are my thoughts on both vehicles. I know I probably left a lot of info our but I did try to hit the most important things and the questions that I get asked the most.

I hope you enjoy!

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Was Tesla Phantom Braking The 'Cause' Of This Multi-Car Crash?

Bjørn Nyland provides a detailed discussion about Tesla’s phantom braking issue.

Tesla fan, owner, and popular YouTube influencer Bjørn Nyland notes that since a Tesla “caused” this accident, it will soon become global news. He admits that phantom braking is a reality and needs to be addressed, but valid arguments can be made about whether or not it’s at fault in accidents like this. The sudden braking “caused” the chain reaction, but the following drivers are also at fault.

While new safety technology can save lives, it’s far from perfect. As we pointed out just the other day, human drivers are far from perfect as well. Cars with advanced driver assistance technologies like adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking can sometimes brake by mistake (humans apply the brakes when it’s unnecessary as well). Tesla’s active safety features and Autopilot system are no exception. Such sudden phantom braking can lead to collisions. Keep in mind, though, that these systems are set up with a specific level of sensitivity to react, slow the car, and save lives.

Regardless of “who” or “what” is piloting a vehicle, it’s always the job of the following vehicle drivers to maintain a safe distance, pay attention, and brake when necessary. Hopefully, someday we’ll have active safety systems that are “foolproof” and “problem-free.” That day is not likely going to come in the near future. So, it’s our job as good drivers to remain vigilant at all times. 

Check out the video for Nyland’s detailed analysis of the situation. He’s well-aware of the location of the crash and uses Google maps to survey the area and explain what happened.

Have you experienced phantom braking in your Tesla? How about in another car? What’s your overall take on the topic?

Video Description via Bjørn Nyland on YouTube:

Tesla phantom braking caused chain collision

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Tesla Model 3 Owner Alleges OTA Update Negatively Affected Performance

He says that after version 10.0 of the software was installed, his Model 3 was slower and its acceleration less aggressive

This Tesla owner from Norway, who goes by the name FrostyFingers on YouTube, says he feels a difference in the acceleration of his Model 3 Performance which he suspects is linked to the version 10 of the car’s software. The difference he points to is not massive, but he seems certain it exists.

His video description says

Why has the Performance been slower after V10, it was somewhat faster and more aggressive after second 5% power update.

In the pinned comment under his video, he adds

So the average run 0-100kmh is now 3.64. Of 60-65 runs only one run below 3.56. Non under 3.5. Before runs were averaging 3.48! The power curve and the aggressive launch is gone. After the second 5% update it jumped off the line like a p100d! After v10 it is as before the second 5% power update. Why? You have a good reason why they should change the curve, acceleration and the way the power is delivered?

Some of the people commenting on his video suggest it may be his chosen wheel and tire combination that may have affected the result, although the uploader is keen to point out he used the same setup before the update. Another comment asks about the battery being up to temperature, but the uploader says

That is the main constant besides wheels and soc.

Two commenters also say they noticed the same change with their Model 3s and they’re wondering whether it’s a software glitch or if this lowering of performance is intended. Have you noticed the same with your Model 3, after software version 10.0 was rolled out in late September 2019?

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Tesla Model X Accident: How Good Is Tesla Collision Service?

This family has had good and bad luck with Tesla service, so they’re skeptical about the repair process.

While Dan Markham and the What’s Inside Family? are huge Tesla fans, they’re not unwilling to admit when they have issues with the company. Markham reminds us that he’s had positive and negative experiences with Tesla service. However, he’s never had to deal with a Tesla collision. Someone recently hit his Model X and it needs the doors repaired, so he takes us through the process.

It’s important to note that when you need your Tesla repaired following a collision, you typically don’t visit a Tesla Service center, though there are exceptions. Most often, you have to get the vehicle repaired at a Tesla-approved body shop. Just like all other businesses, there are good ones and bad ones. Added to the equation, depending on where you live, what parts you need, and various other factors, the timeline can range from relatively quick to ridiculously long.

With that said, Markham was lucky to have an actual Tesla repair facility near his home. The shop is in Las Vegas and is one of few locations of its kind. It repairs Tesla vehicles, but has to take them elsewhere to be painted. Markham takes us through the process to give us an idea of the repair costs and timeline.

Tesla estimated the process would take 10 days. It actually took 16 days, but that’s counting weekends, plus the coronavirus situation escalated right in the middle of the process. The insurance company originally estimated the damage at $4,200, but internal damage pushed the total cost up to $5,000. Fortunately, Markham didn’t have to pay anything out of pocket.

Video Description via What’s Inside? Family on YouTube:


I wrecked my Tesla, how good is Tesla Auto Body Service?

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Tesla Model Y Vs Model 3 In Toilet Paper Hoarding Challenge

In our hoarding world in which we now live in, which Tesla can haul the most toilet paper?

Since we all now seem to be hoarders, it’s critical to now which Tesla, the Model Y or Model 3, to take to Costco to hoard the most rolls of toilet paper. Lucky for us, this video loads both cars partially full of toilet paper (and uses a tape measure to see how much more would fit) to help us find out which is the better hoarding vehicle.

It’s not unusual these days to see cars, SUVs and even trucks packed full of toilet paper after a run to the grocery or warehouse store. Well, it wasn’t, but now maybe it is since the hoarders have created such a toilet paper shortage that most shelves are bare.

Regardless, if you’re heading out to hoard, you need the right vehicle for the job and that’s where this video comes in. As you’ll see in the video (starting at around 3:25), both a Model Y and a Model 3 are partly filled up with goods, including toilet paper. Then, measurements are taken to see how much more toiler paper would fit before filling the vehicle up.

Which vehicle is more suited to hoarding? Watch the video to find out. We should point out though that no crazy amount of hoarding was done for this experiment. And no toilet paper was harmed, damaged or destroyed in the process either.

And, as you’ll see in the video, the space difference between the 3 and the Y isn’t nearly as big as you might think.

Video description via Jim Talks on YouTube:

Using the TP test, we measure the Model Y’s true cargo space (plus or minus). I was hoping to get a whole pile of TP or something to compare, but had limited time and resources, so I used a tape measure to help augment the tried and true TP measurement system.

See other videos. More to come. Let us know what you would like to see.

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