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Report: The Arteon R and Wagon Will Not Be Sold in the USA

When we last checked on the situation, VW brass hadn’t yet decided whether the upcoming Arteon wagon would find a home here. A bigger issue among top executives was the basic Arteon liftback’s barely-there presence on U.S. roads (an issue expected to be rectified, to some degree, by a bump in advertising).

Now, Car and Driver reports that the Arteon wagon will bypass the U.S. on its way to customers in Europe and China. Don’t expect the U.S. Geological Survey to record tremors caused by jaws hitting the floor.

The automaker will also call the model a “shooting brake” in these overseas markets — a move that further bastardizes automotive terminology in the name of marketing. A shooting brake typically has two doors, but coupes typically sport fewer than four, so everything’s out the window these days.

Not only will Americans not receive the Arteon wagon, they won’t have the Arteon R to mull over, either. The high-performance variant, said to don a hotter 2.0-liter turbo with about 330 horsepower, is apparently something only foreign buyers will be able to enjoy.

At least there are some improvements on the way for the model’s 2021 refresh.

It’s lean times in the industry, with cost-cutting and slashed build configurations being the norm even before the coronavirus pandemic took a big bite out of future profits. Few should be surprised by these developments.

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Covid-19: Report local issues with MapmyIndia’s Move app

MapmyIndia maps and Move app has introduced a feature that enables citizens to report issues related to the Coronavirus lockdown to concerned authorities, including PMOIndia, local governments and police.

Using this feature, citizens can share or tag relevant authorities and pin-point the issues faced at a particular location. The authorities can then notify the nearest suitable person to reach the spot.

According to MapmyIndia, the feature will help authorities know about public grievances, lapses in enforcement related to the lockdown and non-allowance of delivery of essentials. It is also expected to reduce delays as the authorities will have accurate information about the nature of the problem and the location.

To activate this feature, users can click on “Report an Issue” on the Move app and then click “Share” to share the live location on social media platforms.

A live dashboard ( portrays all the latest updates related to the Coronavirus in India. This includes the number of confirmed cases, recoveries as well as information on authorised Covid-19 facilities across India.

A search feature can be used to find and navigate to nearby Coronavirus testing, treatment and isolation centres. To use this feature, search “Corona” on or the Move app.


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Report: VW Initially Asked to Use Audi’s 5-Cylinder for the Golf R

Yesterday, we heard that the Golf R would come with some surprise that no one is expecting. Today, we’re learning that that surprise is unlikely to be a 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine, but R wanted one.

The report comes from Holland’s Autovisie, which reports that the initial plan for the Mk8 was the engine that currently powers the TT RS and the RS3. Contained within that description, though, is the long and short of the decision not to lend the 5-pot to VW: the RS3.

It would be hard to differentiate the Golf R from the RS3 if they had the same engine and it would be hard to defend the decision to artificially detune it. And although Audi is willing to sell the 5-cylinder to other manufacturers (largely for small-scale track toys), “Manufacturing the five-cylinder is very laborious. This makes it very drastic to increase the volumes,” according to Autovisie.

So we’re still expecting a four-cylinder Golf R and a previous leak indicates that it will make around 330 hp, which is nothing to sniff at even if sniffing didn’t make you a social pariah these days.

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Report: VW Looking to Build ID Sports Car

It’s not just hot versions of its current concepts, Volkswagen is reportedly planning a dedicated electric sports car. According to Autocar, the ID sports car will be a two-seater or a 2+2.

Volkswagen has made no secret of the fact that it has handed its ID vehicles over to R GmbH to see what it can do with the platform, but this is the first indication that a dedicated sports car will be based on the platform.

As Jost Capito, head of R GmbH has indicated since Pikes Peak, any performance car based on the MEB platform will put the lessons VW learned from the ID.R into production. That means that it won’t just be a one and done sports car but will have the ability to drive spiritedly and get you home.

Autocar cites an “internal ID sub-brand strategy paper,” which called for the sports car to compete against the Tesla Roadster and to be built assembled by Karmann. If it is to compete against the Tesla Roadster, it will have to post some serious performance figures.

Although the Tesla is not in production yet, it is supposed to be able to 60 mph in less than 2 seconds and complete a quarter-mile in 8.8 seconds. Those figures were announced in 2017, though, and Musk also promised cold gas thrusters like on a space ship so we’ll probably have to wait to see performance figures that aren’t drawn in crayon before we can benchmark the ID sports car against it.

If VW does produce an electric sports car, the more realistic concern will likely be the electric “Boxster” that Porsche is reportedly planning. It will be based on the VW Group’s specifically sporty platform, PPE.

Although specs on this supposed sports car are still scant, it is true that VW has been promising more performance from its EVs. The brand previewed the ER1, an electric take on the Golf R that had no real promise of production but that was  “an ambassador for future performance cars for Volkswagen’s R division.”

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