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Audi provides five million euros to combat Covid-19

Audi has announced that it will provide five million euros (RM23,828,000) in emergency aid to support medical and social institutions in its home regions and providing humanitarian aid at the national and international level in light of the Covid-19 crisis.

The generous aid adds to the 600,000 euros (RM2,861,812) that the automaker has already handed over to hospitals in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm on March 30. In its home region, the company is supporting the “sprint4local – one week for Ingolstadt” challenge, where participants are able to submit ideas virtually on how Ingolstadt can overcome the challenges of the crisis and emerge stronger from this period.

In other countries, the Audi Group are also providing local support like supplying medical equipment in Brussels and China, giving out a cash donation to the Gy?r Hospital in Hungary, with more measures set to be revealed later on.

“The corona pandemic presents extreme challenges for all of us worldwide – for us as a company and for society as a whole. I would like to thank all the Audi employees who are looking ahead, doing their bit and helping where they are needed in this extraordinary time,” said Markus Duesmann, the new chairman of the board of management of Audi AG since April 1.

“I would also like to thank all those people who are maintaining business operations at our worldwide sites. I am convinced that things will continue for the Audi employees also after the crisis is over. At the moment, one thing counts above all: the health of our employees, their families and society as a whole. And to protect it, we need to flatten the infection curve,” he added.

Additionally, the company will also host an online concert featuring violinist Lisa Batiashvili together with the famous musicians Maximilian Hornung, François Leleux, Sarah Christian und Jano Lisboa, which will be aired on the company’s social media pages.

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TeslaCam Provides Crash Course On How Not To Pass To Exit Highway

This clip shows us how you shouldn’t drive.

TeslaCam videos often capture crashes and wrecks. There’s no collision here, but what we do see if a bad driver making a dangerous move on the highway. This might seem to be a safe move for the driver in the car ahead of the Tesla, but from the viewpoint of the driver behind, it’s clear this is reckless driving.

Interestingly, the Tesla was on Autopilot at the time (Navigate on Autopilot, to be precise). However, the driver of the Tesla doesn’t mention if Autopilot slowed the car down to avoid the reckless Honda Accord driver of if he took control of the car to reduce its speed.

The video description does a good job at explaining what you’ll see in the video, but we’ll add that the driver of the Honda Accord seems oblivious to the fact that he/she is making a dangerous maneuver. The use of the turn signal seems to indicate this is just normal driving for this individual, but as we can see from the view of the Tesla, it’s just way to close for comfort. 

Video description via Life Of WheEVee on YouTube:

I was driving from AZ to CA using Navigate on Autopilot at about 75mph. The Honda Accord decided that instead of slowing and changing lanes into the travel lane to get behind me to exit, that he’d keep his speed up, then dart in front and across the gore line to make his exit, flinging debris up onto my hood.

I guess I should be grateful that he used his turn signal?

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Lordstown Motors Provides Peek Inside Its Electric Truck Plant: Video

Lordstown’s motto appears to be “Ride With Lordstown.”

Lordstown Motors, the company that is working on an all-new Endurance electric pickup truck, this week released a first look inside its plant in Lordstown Complex in Ohio, acquired from GM.

We were told that this is the first in a series of behind-the-scenes videos, so hopefully, we will be able to get updates about the project. The pickup itself is expected to be shown in June.

The company is currently busy on two fronts – to secure funds from investors (maybe also a federal loan) and developing the truck itself.

According to Steve Burns, Lordstown Motors CEO, the truck is envisioned for the “working man.”

Built from the ground-up, with four in-wheel hub motors (for AWD), it will be truly one of the trailblazers.


We’re on a mission to build the first all-electric pickup truck designed for modern work. Our purpose is to power the working spirit.

This is Lordstown Motors Corporation.


Everything we do at Lordstown Motors keeps the realities of work in mind. It’s not enough for us just to manufacture a car that looks cool—this pickup truck has to meet the demands, specifications, and safety requirements of the world’s fleets. That’s why we’re building a pickup that’s economical and safe, yet still a helluva lot of fun to drive. We call that pickup the Endurance™.


We took advantage of our opportunity to create vehicles that maximize efficiency in ways traditional auto manufacturers are unable to. Our manufacturing process and our trucks are being built electric from the ground up, and we’re beginning to realize the dream of fewer moving parts, zero emissions, and improved safety.

The engineering that separates the Endurance™ from other EV manufacturers is our hub motor system. Four individual batteries placed inside wheel wells power the driving experience, and an advanced system of computers and software optimizes every turn, stop, and lane change. The Endurance™ looks like a pickup and performs the same tasks pickup trucks always have: the difference is that the power source and engineering make it handle like a sports car.


We’re building the Endurance™ at our headquarters: a 6.2 million square foot manufacturing facility, just off the Ohio Turnpike in Lordstown, Ohio. This plant functioned as a GM plant from 1966 until 2019, and the people of this town turned out 16 million vehicles over that timespan. It’s in this same facility that we will build the electric pickup trucks of the future.

The people of this town have auto manufacturing practically in their DNA, and they’ve spent 50+ years making American vehicles. These are tough, enduring people making a tough, enduring pickup truck. We’re looking forward to having their help for 50 more years.

2020 Lordstown Endurance info:

Source: Lordstown Motors Corporation

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