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New Morgan Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition launched

The 20 limited edition Morgan Plus 4s will be the final cars built on Morgan’s previous-generation, traditional steel frame chassis

This is the new Morgan Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition. As the same suggests, it celebrates the iconic British sports car’s seventh decade in continuous production, after its initial launch in October 1950. Just 20 examples of the celebratory model will be built, priced at £60,995 each – and all of them have already been reserved.

Keen Morgan anoraks will notice that this special edition Plus 4 is based on the outgoing model, rather than the recently launched BMW-powered evolution. The 20 cars will be the final Plus 4s built on Morgan’s traditional steel-frame chassis, before production moves over to the company’s all-new bonded aluminium underpinnings.

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As such, it uses the previous car’s powertrain. Like the Plus 4s of the early 2000s, this special edition model is powered by Ford’s 2.0-litre four-cylinder Duratec engine. However, Morgan’s in-house tuning specialist, Aero Racing, has added a sports exhaust system and a new engine map – meaning power rises from 154bhp to 180bhp, while the Plus 4’s 0–62mph time falls from around eight seconds to “less than seven seconds.”

Each 70th Anniversary Edition will come with an extensive list of exclusive additions including a gold-painted chassis, platinum metallic paint, satin dark grey wire wheels, a motorsport-inspired front valance and an exterior styling pack that swaps the car’s A-pillars, sidescreens, stone guards and exhaust for black replacements.

The tweaks continue in the interior. Each car receives a numbered plaque and embroidered seats, alongside a Ravenwood veneer dashboard, dark grey box weave carpets and a Mota-Lita steering wheel. Other additions include heated seats, footwell lighting and a new steering cowl trimmed in fine grade leather, which Morgan sourced specifically for this car. 

What do you make of the new Morgan Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

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New Morgan Plus Four revealed with 225bhp BMW power

Morgan has revealed the latest iteration of its popular Plus Four, featuring a BMW-sourced 255bhp turbocharged four-pot

Morgan has launched the latest Plus Four, and the British company claims it’s the “most revolutionary advancement in the model’s history,” with 97 per cent of the car’s components being new. It’s on sale now, with prices starting from £62,995.

The car’s nameplate has been tweaked slightly, from a numerated Plus 4 to the written Plus Four. But it looks familiar, retaining the iconic, narrow-bodied styling that has featured on the model for the past seven decades.

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However, under the skin there’s an all-new bonded aluminium platform, which the Plus Four shares with the more powerful Morgan Plus Six. The new underpinnings support  double-wishbone suspension, redesigned suspension uprights, updated brakes and a couple of modern-day convenience features, such as ABS and power steering. With the new components, the car’s dry weight creeps up to just over a tonne, at 1,009kg.

Morgan has ditched Ford’s aging, naturally aspirated Duratec engine for a BMW-sourced, turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol unit. It develops 255bhp and 400Nm of torque, enabling a 0–62mph sprint of 4.8 seconds and a top speed of 149mph – which means the new Plus Four packs almost as much performance as the Plus Six, which is itself due to be replaced. 

Morgan also says the new BMW powertrain is up 30 per cent less polluting than the outgoing Ford unit, with WLTP emissions figures being as low as 159g/km of CO2. It’s also more efficient, with claimed fuel economy of 40mpg.

Buyers can choose either a six-speed manual gearbox or an eight-speed automatic. The engine fitted to the manual variant suffers a 50Nm torque deficit, to protect the gearbox. Morgan estimates 0-62mph in 5.2 seconds for the manual, although power and top speed remain identical to the automatic version.

Morgan has also upgraded the Plus Four’s standard specification, adding automatic LED headlamps, 15-inch alloy wheels, remote central locking, lumbar adjustment, a black mohair convertible roof, sun visors and door check straps.

The company says it will also offer buyers a host of customisation options, including metallic paint, a set of new 15-inch wire wheels, puddle lighting, luggage rack and a discreet stereo system hidden behind the cabin trim. As with the outgoing car, a rear-mounted spare wheel is also available optionally.

What do you make of the new Morgan Plus Four? Let us know in the comments section below… 

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The All-New Morgan Plus Four Is A Stunning, BMW-Powered Anachronism With 255bhp

The All-New Morgan Plus Four Is A Stunning, BMW-Powered Anachronism With 255bhp - News

The Morgan Plus Four has to be one of our very favourite anachronisms. Take a pre-WWII design and tweak it oh-so-subtly so it that it looks drop-dead gorgeous against a backdrop of 2020, then fill the interior full of modern technology dressed in 1920s knickerbockers.

It is stunning. The glorious light in the press pics helps, but how could you not turn your head to watch this all-new glamour-puss waltz by in a rose-tinted haze of leaded petrol fumes and squawking jazz music? They may have changed the numeric ‘4’ to the written word for this new car, but the impact is at least as tremendous as ever.

The All-New Morgan Plus Four Is A Stunning, BMW-Powered Anachronism With 255bhp - News

Everything about the faithful and instantly recognisable shape has been honed to perfection. It looks clean, crisp, low, muscular and it’s the ultimate expression of not giving a flying fudge cake what anyone else thinks. The Plus Four carries no pretentiousness and wields no arrogance. It simply is what it is, and it’s a triumph.

As the Morgan Plus Four teasers already told us, it’s a thoroughly modern car, despite appearances. Built on the 97kg CX-Generation bonded aluminium chassis shared with the Plus Six, it’s fitted with the 255bhp, 295lb ft turbocharged four-pot from the BMW 330i – and others. It’s the first turbo’d engine to feature in a Plus Four straight out of the factory. Some may still get palpitations at the idea of a BMW engine in a Morgan, but they work and they’re bloody good engines; if a little low on charisma.

The All-New Morgan Plus Four Is A Stunning, BMW-Powered Anachronism With 255bhp - News

Light weight means the automatic Four leaps to 62mph in a very brisk 4.8 seconds on the way to a 149mph top speed. In this narrow, open-topped body we bet 149mph feels like 1490mph. Brilliant. Efficiency is up thanks to dry weight from just 1009kg and that eight-speed automatic gearbox from BMW, lowering CO2 emissions to 159g/km and lifting fuel economy to 40mpg. Theoretically.

The engine story isn’t quite that simple; the manual version being detuned to 258lb ft to avoid damaging cogs Morgan hasn’t quite got around to upgrading yet. As such the three-pedal Plus Four takes 5.2 seconds to hit 62mph. Power and top speed are the same as the auto’s.

The All-New Morgan Plus Four Is A Stunning, BMW-Powered Anachronism With 255bhp - News

There’s double-wishbone suspension for proper sports car handling, (optional) proper 15-inch wire wheels and LED lights front and rear. The hood is now mohair as standard, you also get standard sun visors and power steering is also on the basic kit list. How frivolous.

Buying a slice of this utterly unique motoring experience costs from £62,995 with deliveries starting in April or May. If you feel like living every day as though it’s the Goodwood Revival without sacrificing modern comforts, nothing else compares.

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