Why Red Bull is right to back the much-maligned Albon

Alex Albon has come under plenty of criticism this year for his struggles in matching Red Bull lead driver Max Verstappen. But it’s not for nothing that the famously ruthless team hasn’t yet reverted to type and shown him the door

The story goes that Alex Albon, when arriving at his hotel ahead of Formula 2’s 2018 pre-season test at Bahrain, found that he didn’t have a room booked for him. Luckily, the Arden team happened to be staying at the same hotel, and Albon shared a room with friend and former GP3 teammate Nirei Fukuzumi.

Albon began 2018 with no drive, no backing and no money. He’d run ART stablemate Charles Leclerc close to the GP3 title in 2016, missing out by just 25 points, and then stepped up to F2 with the French squad. Although consistent at the start of a difficult 2017 season, his progress was interrupted by a broken collarbone, and ART decided to promote from within for 2018.

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