What testing told us about F1 2020’s formbook

Last year, Ferrari was an emphatic winner during F1 pre-season testing – regardless of what happened during the season proper. There seems to be a clear leader this year, too, but how muddied is the rest of the picture?

Formula 1’s 2020 pre-season testing is over. The laps are logged, the quotes are in and the trucks have already departed Barcelona. Now we know how the field will line up on the grid for the first race in Melbourne. That’s the theory, anyway, but the reality is an awful lot more complicated.

Thanks to the understandable chaos being created by the coronavirus around the world, it’s not even 100% certain that the opening round of the season will take place in Melbourne. But, flippant statements about a serious situation aside, it’s important to stress again that any analysis of F1 testing is an educated guess using the timing data collected on site around other media engagements, information gleaned from contacts, and just watching the cars out on circuit from various trackside vantage points.

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