Unwind With This Incredibly Relaxing Vintage F1 Video

Forget the glamour and special effects of a big-budget race movie like Ford V. Ferrari. For all the fun those movies are, it’s hard to emulate the experience 70 years later. If you want to understand what made old motorsports so raw and intriguing, you have to see what it really looked like.

That’s why we love this video, sent to Road & Track by legendary racing driver Peter Brock. It’s 20 straight minutes of authentic footage from Riverside Raceway.

“This is one of the GREATEST films on motor racing ever made,” Brock said in an email. “I was there when this was shot.”

There’s no dialogue or faux drama, just rubber on tarmac. And the star car, driven by greats like Lance Reventlow and Chuck Daigh, is the famed 1960 Scarab F1 car.

The Scarab isn’t famous for its success in F1. In fact, during the 1960 season, the the Scarab cars only finished one race: the U.S. Grand Prix, where Daigh finished in 10th place. The Scarabs were unreliable in most races and slow in all, yet monumentally important. For all of their stumbles, these cars represented the first serious American attempt to compete in Formula 1.

This design was also one of the last of the front-engine F1 era. Part of the reason that Scarab struggled is that the rest of the field was already moving toward the mid-engine layout that’s still common today. In fact, Cooper had moved to a mid-engine layout two years earlier. Scarab never had much of a chance, but that doesn’t make the car—and this footage—any less special.

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