The image battle facing F1’s ‘nice guy’

He’s had his fingers burned by social media’s keyboard warriors who have trouble appreciating that he’s only human. But after two years in the intense spotlight Formula 1 brings, Lando Norris has no plans to change his outlook

After a hectic year for Formula 1 featuring 17 races in just over five months, most of the paddock felt in need of a holiday. But while the world remains in the grip of a pandemic and as travel restrictions grow again, it’s a prospect most could only dream of during the winter months.

Nevertheless, a number of drivers have managed to get away, incorporating some time off into their off-season preparations. Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris and Pierre Gasly are just three drivers to have done so, each recently spending some time in Dubai. Travel from the UK is permitted on work grounds, meaning a training camp – which Norris was travelling for – is technically an acceptable reason for leaving the country.

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