Supercars planning 10 Eseries rounds

Supercars is working towards a 10-round Eseries, featuring proper championship drivers, during the coronavirus-induced break in real-world racing.

The category announced yesterday that it will use a sim racing competition to fill the gap between now and the planned resumption of the season proper in June.

Supercars and representatives from all teams spoke yesterday to begin working through details required to create a multi-location, ready-for-broadcast product based on the iRacing software.

While precise information is still thin on the ground, Supercars CEO Sean Seamer did address the Eseries plans in a fan Q&A video posted by the category’s official website.

He says the plan is for 10-rounds, with the real-world Supercars stars racing on simulators set up in their homes.

“Our number one priority with the Eseries is to fill the gap between now and when we go racing,” said Seamer.

“We’re currently planning to conduct 10 rounds, utilising our existing drivers from the comfort of their own home.”

While it won’t be compulsory for drivers to take part, Seamer said early feedback indicates a good turnout.

“We’re just going through a process right now, making sure all the drivers have the right hardware and connectivity to participate,” he said.

“But all of the feedback we’ve had from the teams over the past 48 hours is that drivers are keen to participate. So we expected a full grid.”

According to Seamer, the Eseries will play an important role in the category maintaining relevance without being able to actually stage championship rounds due to the pandemic.

“We’re working with the teams and their partners and sponsors, and talking to them on a daily basis,” he said.

“A big part of keeping the sport going is keeping the sport relevant through this time, making sure that we’re producing content and entertaining people.

“That’s why we’ve focussed so much on getting that Eseries out.”

Seamer added: “The virus and the delays are difficult for everybody, our partners, our staff, our sponsors and our teams. But we’re a very entrepreneurial bunch and we know how to survive.”

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