Supercars drivers launch new simulator

Supercars driver Thomas Randle has launched a new state-of-the-art simulator and driver training business in collaboration with Lee Holdsworth.

The centrepiece of the Dream Simulations set-up is a six degrees of freedom motion simulator powered by a CKAS mechatronics motion platform.

It’s fitted in a dedicated sound-proof and climate controlled room, with the hardware – including the chassis, gearshift, roll bars and more – designed to be as close to a real Supercar as possible.

There is also a base station for a driver coach or engineer.

According to Randle the business is the result of three years hard work, not a direct attempt to take advantage of the coronavirus-inspired boom in sim racing. 

“There are a lot of people out there that don’t have sims to practice on, so I’ve spent the last three years setting this business up,” Randle told

“It wasn’t intended just for the COVID-19 crisis, but mainly for guys and girls of all levels – whether they be a professional racing driver or just a fan that wants to come and have a crack on a simulator.

“During my time in the UK, I realised it was something we don’t do enough of in Australia.

“Especially for guys running a championship. Just to be able to come in and refresh themselves with the car and the track… that’s what I like to do. It means you’re not wasting time when you get to the event itself.

“And that applies right up to the Supercars main series. Any track time is crucial.”

Randle will also offer his services as a driver coach, along with former Tickford Racing teammate Holdsworth.

Drivers using the Dream Simulator will also be able to bring their own driver coach or engineer with them for sessions.

“It’s not even just about driving. It’s all about getting a better understanding of the data side of things,” added Randle.

“The MoTec data is so good that we could compare to real laps. The traces are all the same, braking, steering, throttle, gear, speed, RPM. All the things we look at in the real world.”

The Dream Simulator has already had one high-profile customer, Rubens Barrichello using a prototype version to help prepare for his S5000 debut last year.

Randle will use the simulator for his debut in the BP Supercars All Stars Eseries tonight, which can be streamed live and free through

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