Split Bathurst tyre allocation confirmed

Supercars has confirmed the split of the Dunlop tyre allocation for this weekend’s Bathurst 1000.

As revealed by Motorsport.com, the 60-strong allocation – which includes eight pre-marked and 52 new tyres – will be split across practice, qualifying and the race.

That’s in part due to the wharf dispute in Sydney, which delayed a shipment of Bathurst-bound tyres.

They were then replaced by tyres that were in stock in Melbourne, but have come from a different batch.

Supercars has now confirmed how the split will work, a charity tie-up with the National Breast Cancer Foundation set to help identify what can be used when.

The eight pre-marked tyres and 12 of the event-marked tyres will feature the standard yellow branding, and can only be used in a practice or warm-up session.

The remaining 40 tyres will be stamped in the charity pink branding, 24 from the PA build code and 16 from the SL build code.

The PA tyres can be used in any session, and are mandatory for qualifying.

The SL tyres will also be stamped with ‘RACE’ and can only be used in Practice 6, Practice 7 and the Great Race itself.

Practice for the 2020 Bathurst 1000 kicks off tomorrow.

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