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Nicknamed the ‘Honey Badger’, Daniel Ricciardo says Cyril Abiteboul can expect that to appear on his soon-to-be-newly-inked tattoo.

Racing his way to third at the Eifel Grand Prix, Ricciardo guaranteed his team boss a new tattoo.

The two had a bet running that if Ricciardo put his Renault on the podium, his boss would get a tattoo of the driver’s choice.

All Abiteboul gets to choose is the size and location.

As to be expected everyone wants to know when and where the deal goes down.

Ricciardo told Autosport’s Luke Smith: “I’ve got an artist working on two designs currently. We’re getting close.

“I’ve got to speak to Cyril about logistics, but hopefully before Bahrain, we find a window to get it done”

Giving a few more details about the possible design to Sky Germany, the Aussie added: “There should be honey badger, let’s see how it looks.”

But which Honey Badger will it be?

This year’s, the photo above, is a fierce beast with all teeth while 2018’s still looked rather cuddly.

He has also been tweaked over the years to suit the grand prix.

The 2018 US GP…

Howdy Badger#USGP 2018 @danielricciardo pic.twitter.com/dmpYDcUxFB

— Jens Munser Designs (@JMD_helmets) October 19, 2020

Abiteboul recently explained that the tattoo bet was the result of a few beers.

“It is not really my style,” he said. “I guess that’s why I made that bet.

“I remember that night in Silverstone last year. Daniel was showing me a new tattoo that he had and I asked him ‘How do you get there? What’s the mental journey that gets to this type of tattoo?’

“He told me he was just walking in front of a tattoo place and he thought ‘Let’s do one’.

“I thought ‘Okay’ and I said ‘Let’s do something. If you do your podium – and it was after a few beers – I’ll do one’”

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