Jason McDougal’s Historic Chili Bowl Run Comes to Heartbreaking End

It was the most spirited effort in Chili Bowl history over the past 16 years, but Jason McDougal was denied in heartbreaking fashion on the final corner of the final lap in the D-Main.

McDougal had one of the fastest cars on Thursday during his preliminary night but lost power while leading the B-Main. He went from, at worst, starting Saturday night from a B-Main but fell all the way down to an I-Main due to finishing at the rear of the preliminary B-Main.

What should have been a sneaky contender to make the main event turned into a longshot.

And yet, McDougal drove all the way from the I-Main to the D-Main, repeatedly going up the entrance ramp and down the entrance ramp, eventually tying JJ Yeley for the deepest run in Alphabet Soup history with six features.

But it ended in dramatic fashion, Ryan Bernal taking out McDougal in turn 4 while racing for the transfer spot.

HOLY SMOKES. A wild ending to an amazing run through the soup for @jasonmcdougal69. @cbnationals

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Thus, concluded a legendary four-hour drive that had the entire Tulsa Expo Center captivated, astounded and wondering just how deep he could carry the momentum. Bernal was disqualified to the tail of the field for the move.

“It’s crazy to think we just tied Yeley, and I believe we had a car that could have made it all the way through there, and it just didn’t work out,” McDougal said.

During the interview with McDougal, Bernal made his way into the Klatt Enterprises hauler to speak with the driver and crew chief Bob East.

So, the quotes are under the context that Bernal was right there.

“Not like that,” McDougal said of if he expected contact. “I was running the bottom in 3 and 4 and the corner before so it is what it is.”

Bernal took responsibility immediately after the incident when asked about it on the FloSport internet broadcast.

“You know, there’s obviously a lot of pushing and shoving and it’s for a transfer spot,” Bernal said. “Just a stupid move on my part. Honestly, I drove it in there too hard. I thought he was going to the top. He obviously protected the bottom and then, you know, I got into him. It was my fault.”

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