How F1’s teams developed their cars over 2020

Although 2020 was intended to be the final season of the current ruleset, the best laid plans were put to waste by the global pandemic, meaning they’ll have one more year with the current cars. This gave Formula 1 teams plenty of reason to keep developing.

With a simplified aero formula in the offing, the rules remained relatively static for the 2020 season. Before the coronavirus pandemic took Formula 1’s best-laid plans and cast them aside with little regard for their content, the idea was for 2020 to be the final season run under the current formula before transitioning to the overhauled, ground-effect aero for 2021.

Owing to the mandatory lockdowns and cost concerns, those plans were shuffled back a year, meaning that 2020’s cars will remain in use for another season, and giving the teams a reason to continue their development.

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