As if the C8 Corvette Wasn’t Desirable Enough Already

Chevrolet has stopped taking orders for the midengine 2020 Corvette C8. In an email to dealers, discovered by Corvette Forum, Chevy says due to high demand and low supply—partially because of the UAW strike—it won’t be taking any new 2020 orders. However, it will open the 2021 C8 ordering banks earlier than expected, on May 21.

Chevy says this “does not prevent dealers from processing existing orders,” though “it is possible some of your 2020 orders, sold or stock, may not be produced as planned.”

The 2021 ordering system will open a month early “to enable you and your existing customer to create a replacement 2021 model year order.” More information will be coming regarding existing orders that the company is unable to accept, says Chevy.

That’s a bummer for people at the end of the line for 2020 C8s. We know a handful have already been delivered, and there’s no shortage of already-built cars on auction sites. And if you really want the first model year, they are available, if you can pay. Don’t expect to see a lot of sub $60K base models, though.

With such a huge step from the Corvette’s C7 generation, early C8s were already going to be collectible. A shortened model year will likely add to the collectibility of these first-year cars. So if you’re lucky enough to get one, tucking it away in the garage never to touch pavement again will certainly add to the value—but won’t be much fun. But if you want to put some miles on it, no harm in waiting until 2021.

We’ve emailed Chevy for more information and will update when we hear back.

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