Antonio Giovinazzi backs behind-closed-doors F1

Antonio Giovinazzi has backed the idea of behind-closed-doors F1 racing if it means helping to get the season started sooner.

Formula 1 bosses, who have full control over what the revised 2020 calendar could look like, are open to holding events that have the grandstands closed and personnel limited to only the most essential team members.

Alfa Romeo’s Italian driver thinks it is a good idea as it will help Formula 1 to start in “safe mode”.

“For sure it will be really different, people coming to support us is an extra boost for every driver,” Giovinazzi told Sky Sports F1.

“But now, the main thing is to race in a safe mode and one [way] is to have no people at the track.

“Of course they will support us on the sofa, but I think [if we are] to start soon, to start without people is a safe way to race.”

Pre-season in Barcelona is where the drivers blow off the winter cobwebs ahead of what is usually a gruelling season, and Giovinazzi thinks all the drivers will find it tough to start racing again after limited physical preparation.

“I think it will be completely difficult,” he added.

“When we come back to Barcelona after the winter break, after the first day your neck is completely destroyed. Now we will have more than two months maybe three months [off].

“When we come back we will like you say [drive] three weeks in a row. It will be tough will but it will be the same for everyone.”

One way drivers have been able to keep somewhat sharp is by virtual racing and Giovinazzi has been enjoying being able to put on some form of show for the fans.

“It was really nice and we did this for the fans, for the people at home so they can see some action from Formula 1 drivers,” he said.

“But it was really tough at the end of the race I was completely wet through!

“Without any feedback, you are just sitting there just driving with the steering wheel. It was tough but a lot of fun – we can’t wait to race again in China.

“We [the drivers] have a channel and we race every afternoon just to have fun and to have a chat as well. We like to drive and we drive the simulator now, also to train a little bit mentally.”

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