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More and more couples are considering eloping. For some, it’s to save money. For some, it’s to save time. And for some, voltaren rapid 50 over counter it’s to save themselves the endless drama that can come with planning a wedding. And yet, one couple found that eloping caused a whole lot of drama, and it’s probably not for the reason you think.

One dad on the AITA subreddit said he and his wife were excited about their daughter Jane’s engagement and the opportunity to plan a wedding. And so they offered the happy couple a set amount of money — let’s say $15 thousand — for the special occasion. Well fast forward, and Jane decided to elope.

“This was a little disappointing but we understood,” OP said. “Jane has never been the type to want to be the spotlight so while we weren’t expecting it, it wasn’t the biggest shock in the world.”

“What did feel like a shock is when she assumed we’d just give her that amount of cash straight up,” he continued. “She said they wanted to use it to take a month-long traveling sabbatical/honeymoon.”

Pause! A month-long honeymoon?! Who does that? Who can afford that? I guess a bride with a fat check …

OP said he and his wife were prepared to contribute to a family event, but that this money was not for Jane to “do as she pleases.”

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