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Our ‘always-on’ culture means sleep is more important than ever before.

But so many of us still struggle to get a good night’s rest – something that’s pretty concerning, considering how much of a knock-on effect a lack of sleep has on our minds and bodies.

So anything that can help us drift off to a peaceful slumber (and stay asleep) is always welcome. 

Ensuring we have good sleep hygiene and healthy bedtime habits – such as a regular bedtime and minimal screens – can help with sleep.

And, thankfully, there are a number of products designed to help, too. 

We’ve rounded up some of the best sleep hygiene products to encourage individuals to relax, can you take panadol extra while breastfeeding doze off and stay settled.

These are some of the best ones to try – for less than £20.

Utopia bedding quilted fitted mattress topper

A comfy bed is always a great way to ensure a better night of sleep – and this padded mattress topper can go a long way in adding an extra dimension of comfort. 

Buy it now for £12.99 from Amazon

Pure silk floral eye mask

Eye masks have a calming effect, by blocking out any light or distractions – helping you to wind down and nod off faster.

This silk one from M&S is not only super-soft on skin but looks pretty on a nightstand too.

Buy it now for £12.50 from M&S

Earhub silicone earbuds

If you’re a light sleeper you know the pain of the slightest noise waking you up. But great earbuds are a brilliant way of unlocking an uninterrupted night of sleep.

These silicone ones are reusable, so simply wash and dry when you want to clean them.

Buy them now for £7.20 from Amazon

French lavender pillow mist

Lavendar has been proven to help with sleep as it calms the central nervous system and promotes slow-wave sleep – helping you sleep longer and better.

This handy spray goes straight onto your pillow before bed.

Buy it now for £7.50 from the Body Shop

Aroma active sleep salt soak

A bath is a great way to wind down for the evening and can help relax your mind and body before bed. And this bath soak is enriched with essential oils to promote calmness.

Buy it now for £15 from LookFantastic

Deep sleep pillow spray

This Works is known for its soothing sleep products and its best-selling sleep spray is designed to help you fall asleep faster, and wake up more refreshed.

Buy it now for £11.20 from Boots

Emotif lavender and chamomile sleep stones

Let aromatherapy work its magic with these sleep stones, made with Italian lava rock infused with lavender and chamomile essential oils.

Simply open the jar next to your bed an hour before you sleep and the smell should help you relax.

Buy them now for £15 from Holland and Barrett

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