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Even something as innocent as baby cuddles can attract parent-shamers. It’s hard to believe, but Drew Scott’s adorable new picture with his wife Linda Phan and their 16-month-old Parker drew a ton of backlash — and it couldn’t be more frustrating.

“Kisses & Cuddles,” the Property Brothers co-star captioned a photo on Instagram. Phan is wearing a black shirt with khaki pants, and her long brown hair is up in a bun. She’s holding Parker and laughing, while Drew leans over and kisses Parker on the cheek. The baby is dressed in a pink-and-white outfit with yellow socks, and his messy brown hair is hanging over his face. It’s a wholesome family moment, but it made many people mad.

Some of the judgy comments included: “I can’t understand…Why do you hide the kid’s face?????” and “When will we see Parker’s beautiful face!!!”

“I really wish I could see Parker’s beautiful face but I fully understand you are protecting him,” someone else wrote.

It’s none of your business why a celebrity (or any parent) wants to hide their kid’s face from social media. Honestly, paroxetine and 300 pills the more hateful comments they get, the less likely they’ll want to show his face anyway! They are protecting his privacy, and you are taking away from a sweet family moment to complain. Maybe log off the internet for a while and focus on your own life?

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There were even some comments suggesting that Scott and Phan should have another baby. “Drew, when is baby #2 going to happen??? Are you 2 going to try for a girl?” someone else intrusively asked. Again, none of your business if they want another baby! (And like Bindi Irwin recently pointed out — not something you should ever ask!)

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