lithium causing liver problems

New hope to treat and reverse osteoarthritisphysical medicine and rehab programs Acan-TdT and Lepr-TdT mice and tissue harvested after 8 weeks. c Representative image of proteoglycan loss, and d osteophyte-like formation (red dotted line) stained with Toluidine blue and Fast green in DMM with paired normal for comparison. n = 11 mice/group. e Representative images of paired distal femur joints of Grem1-TdT (top), Acan-TdT (middle) and Lepr-TdT (bottom) mice showing a decrease in Grem1-lineage cells within the AC DMM injury site (arrows) compared to normal. f Quantification of Grem1-, Acan- and Lepr-lineage cells as a percentage of total chondrocytes within the DMM injury site (filled circle) in comparison to no surgery (open circle) control. Grem1 and Lepr n = 4 animals/group, Acan n = 3 animals/group. Paired, two-tail t-test. g ColVII induced OA experiment schema. h Representative images of Grem1-TdT distal femur joints showing loss of Grem1-lineage AC cells as indicated by arrows within the injury site (top), and OA pathology induced by ColVII compared to PBS control. Sections stained with Toluidine blue and Fast green, arrows indicate superficial lesions. i Quantification of the percentage of Grem1-lineage AC cells per HPF (left) and, unblinded histopathological assessment using OARSI grading of OA pathology (right) in ColVII induced OA (square) compared to PBS controls (circle). n = 6 mice/group. Paired, two-tailed t test. j Representative images of TUNEL staining in articular Grem1-lineage cells quantified in k. k Quantification of the number of articular Grem1-lineage TUNEL positive cells in ColVII induced OA (square, n = 8 mice) compared to PBS control (circle, n = 7 mice). Unpaired, two-tailed t test. Bars denote s.e.m. Source data are provided as a Source Data file. Mouse image in figure schemas created with Credit: Nature Communications (2023). DOI: 10.1038/s41467-023-42199-1″ width=”800″ height=”530″>
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