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North Brunswick, NJ – From the company that has brought you over 45 years of excellence in laboratory pharmaceutical instruments, Distek, Inc. is proud to introduce the BIOne 1250 Dual Bioprocess Control Station.

The next evolution of the BIOne Product Line provides the clear solution for upstream laboratories who seek to maximize process throughput when bench space is limited.  The BIOne 1250 Dual Bioprocess Control Station maximizes the utility of its compact 18” × 26” footprint, allowing end users simultaneous control of two independent Bioreactor or Fermentation systems from a single central tower.  Both Single-Use and Autoclavable Vessels are available for inclusion within your own custom system configuration.

No additional monitors or computers are required for the operation of this stand-alone bioprocessing solution.  Additionally, the User Interface of the controller maintains the same elegance and intuitiveness that clients have grown to expect from all Distek, Inc. laboratory equipment.  Preloaded Process Recipes, including Cascade and PID settings, ensure that your team will accelerate their current process development timelines.

For bioprocessing laboratories where efficiency and speed are critical for success, the BIOne 1250 Dual Bioprocess Control Station represents the superior benchtop solution.

To learn more about the new BIOne 1250 Dual Bioprocess Control Station, where to buy generic tricor pharm support group no prescription contact Distek Customer Service at +1 732 422 7585, email at [email protected] or visit

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