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As a mom, that moment when your baby starts talking is pretty much next to none. It’s magical, special and above all else, downright adorable. The way they excitedly blurt out a new word they just learned — and then repeat it over and over again — is one of the cutest first milestones ever (next to those wobbly first steps, of course). Bindi Irwin, who shares 1-year-old Grace Warrior with husband Chandler Powell,  just can’t get enough of listening to her little one saying ‘dada.’ And we have to agree, it’s just too cute.

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In a May 25 Instagram video, Irwin shared a seconds-long clip of herself kneeling beside Grace Warrior and her hubby, pregnancy lamisil cream in which there was no shortage of cuteness. “My heart when Grace says ‘Dada’,” Irwin lovingly described the moment in her caption. In the video, Powell asks his daughter, “Where’s dada?” Grace Warrior, who is grabbing onto her mom’s arm for stability, is walking toward the camera — flashing her sweet, toothy smile. “Dada, dada,” she says, as Irwin echoes her little voice in the background. “That’s great!” Powell laughs at the end of the clip.

As usual, Irwin and Powell are showing their support and love for their only daughter — and judging by the looks of extreme happiness on both of the new parents’ faces, you can tell it was a very proud moment for the Australia Zoo mom and dad.

Keep up the good work, Grace Warrior!

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