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With 21 Grand Slam tennis titles to her name, Venus Williams’ feats of athletic prowess need no introduction. The tennis star has had an illustrious career, and while attention may now be firmly on sister Serena Williams when it comes to the tennis arena, Venus hasn’t been sitting idle since her retirement. Instead, she’s created a lifestyle brand called EleVen by Venus Williams, has an interior-design firm, part ownership of one NFL team and even launched two best-selling mineral sunscreen products, more recently adding four SPF lip balms to the mix, too. You have to ask, just how does she do it all?

Regardless of just how Venus manages her time to devote her expertise and discerning eye to so many passion projects remains something of a mystery, amoxicillin pediatric dosage dental abscess but thanks to her innovation, we can all benefit – particularly when it comes to skincare. In a recent interview with The Cut, the tennis star explained: “If your worldview includes protecting your skin, you have to protect your lips as well. Lips don’t get enough love; they really don’t.”

That passion has resulted in four Perfect Form Lip Balms which are mineral-based, buildable formulas that not only coat lips in a moisturising sheen of colour, but also protect them from sun damage. For Venus, the desire to create products with SPF has been a huge priority. Growing up she admits she didn’t have a relationship with sunscreen and never thought it was necessary. “That’s definitely a myth for African Americans, but we have to protect our skin just as much as anyone else of any different kind of skin tone and background.”

Venus went on to add, “I asked the first 35 years of my life in full sun exposure, you know, six or seven days a week. And I regret that. Hopefully people will read these words and realise it doesn’t matter what your skin tone is, you have to protect your skin I got wise, and it took too long.”

In terms of choosing a good SPF, Venus has been on quite the journey, saying that she started with those that left a horrible cast on her skin, before eventually creating her own. “What I love about our products at EleVen, the Unrivaled Sun Serum and the On-the-Defense Sunscreen, is that you do get that protection and you don’t have to sacrifice the whole look because of it.”

And when it comes to beauty, Venus is quick to admit that she thinks of it as an important part of her self-care routine. “You definitely have to take care of yourself, and beauty is a part of it. But whatever your interpretation of beauty is, that’s what should lead you and guide you; it isn’t the same for everyone. I think today, we’re led to believe it’s the same, and it can be very homogenous, you know, the same clothes, the same makeup, the same…injections. But self-care is really about taking care of who you are, and projecting that image of you, instead of being led by what other people might think is beautiful.”
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