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Ashley Graham is going to be a mum of three! Just two months after revealing her second pregnancy on social media, the model announced that she and husband Justin Ervin are actually expecting twins with an incredibly precious video on Instagram.

After the first clip showing the pair checking two pregnancy tests that were both positive, tylenol while breastfeeding webmd it cuts to her first ultrasound when she discovered they have not one, but two, bundles of joy on the way — twin boys, to be specific.

“Is that twins?!” she exclaims during her ultrasound, adding, “Are you serious?! We’re gonna have three boys!” Meanwhile, Justin can be heard in the background saying, “You’re joking me. You’re kidding me,” in total shock.

Ashley hasn’t been one to shy away from sharing intimate moments online to her loyal followers, shining a light on the incredibly difficult issues that she has gone through as a woman.

Just last year, she posted online about the struggle to learn to embrace her “new body” since becoming a parent, telling the publication Parents, “Everybody told me if you breastfeed, the weight falls off. Well, that was BS. And I’m still working on like 20 pounds.” She added, “When I say working on, I just kind of look at it every day like, ‘Hello, new body.’” She added, “And that’s just kind of how I go on with it.”

She also spoke about her postpartum hair loss, and the suprising effect it had on her mental health. Graham revealed, “I think it was like around four months, my whole hairline fell out.” She went on to add, “And that was more traumatic than even birth because I was like, ‘My hair’s falling out in clumps – what am I doing?’”

Add that to the incredible portraits of her in labor that she shared during her first pregnancy, and all we have is the utmost respect for this incredible woman.

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