Young drivers paying less for car insurance would be ‘unfair’

Car insurance is one of the biggest costs associated with motoring, especially for newly qualified drivers. With that in mind, spoke to Tom Hixon, head of instructor support at Bill Plant Driving School, to find out if the current insurance pricing is fair. 

Mr Hixon said: “Newly qualified drivers have much higher driving insurance costs as this group, typically made up of 17-24 year old, have limited experience driving independently on the roads and are therefore often more prone to accidents.

“They have the highest statistical chance of being involved in an accident, bar those over 86, while older drivers often have cheap insurance due to the experience and time they have spent driving.

“Given drivers aged 70-80 have a lower chance of an accident than 17-24-year-olds, it wouldn’t be fair for them to pay more than them.

“The potential exception would be those over 86. It should be remembered that insurance prices often go down due to fewer claims and incidents the driver has made or experienced.”

The expert added: “With this in mind, it can be assumed that these older drivers have cheap insurance due to having a good track record on the roads whereas if they have made claims or been involved in incidents they will likely see higher prices compared to those who have not.”

Mr Hixon also stressed that there are ways to cut insurance costs. He said that newly qualified drivers can opt-in for a black box to reduce their premiums. 

The expert added: “Opting to have a black box installed on your car can help reduce these costs, as this will monitor your driving ability and reward you for sensible driving.”

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He continued: “They can also offer to pay a higher excess cost for any potential claims they need to make.

“This will help reduce monthly insurance costs as they will only be required to pay this excess if they are involved in an incident.”

Mr Hixon also stressed that the choice of vehicle can determine insurance costs.

He said: “Those with larger engines and fewer security devices can cost more in insurance, so it’s best to shop around and compare vehicle insurance costs before making a decision.

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“We would however recommend using price comparison sites to ensure you are getting the best policy for the money you’re paying.”

Experts at Bill Plant Driving School provided several other tips on how drivers can save on insurance. 

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