Yes, This Lo-Res Concept Of The Countach Is A Car That You Can Buy

The Lamborghini Countach is a very angular vehicle, we can’t deny that. And yet, it’s lauded as one of the most iconic vehicle designs of all time. But have you ever wondered how it would look like in low resolution?

That’s practically what United Nude founder Rem D. Koolhaas imagined to come up with this – the Lo-Res Car concept vehicle. Based on an abstract, low-resolution version of the Italian wedge supercar, the concept vehicle in the gallery below is one of four prototypes commissioned by the footwear company for promotional purposes.

And it’s currently up for auction on Bring a Trailer.

Gallery: United Nude Lo-Res Concept Car For Sale

If you’re wondering, the body of the Lo-Res is made up of 12 tinted polycarbonate panels. It does have front and rear light bars, likely serving as headlights and taillamps, while the United Nude logos at the front and the back are both illuminated.

For its underpinnings, the Lo-Res uses a steel tube-frame chassis with black-painted metal covers for the wheels. A KDS 5-kilowatt electric motor paired with a single-speed transmission that sends that power to the rear wheels. It has disc brakes on the front wheels.

Opening the remote-control actuated clamshell body reveals fixed tandem seats made of polished metal and trimmed in ribbed black upholstery. Probably the most interesting bit of the interior would be the chrome hexagonal steering wheel and the polished instrument panel containing two digital displays.

This concept vehicle is currently under the ownership of Petersen Automotive Museum but is now listed for sale no reserve at Bring a Trailer. Hammer falls on October 16, so you have a few days to decide whether you want this vehicle in your garage or not.

Of note, the current bid is at $45,000 as of this writing but you have to remember that this isn’t street legal, if it isn’t obvious yet.


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