XLerate Group Rebrands Auctions Under New Banner


XLerate and AAA have a total of 39 auction sites across 19 states, as well as growing digital and mobile auction businesses and related financing.

Logos: XLerate Group and America's Auto Auction

XLerate Group (XLerate), the parent company of America’s Auto Auction (AAA), has officially begun rebranding the 16 XLerate Group auctions to the AAA name and launching a refreshed logomark, the company said June 1. 

“XLerate Group’s acquisition of America’s Auto Auction in December 2021 created an extensive group of 39 auction sites across 18 states," XLerate CEO Cam Hitchcock said in a news release. "We are consolidating our two auction groups into one group which will take on the America’s Auto Auction name. This adaptation will help in the development of our brand as we introduce the new name to our employees, our customers, and our industry.”

Chuck Tapp, EVP and CRO of AAA added, “Our companies have already forged a close relationship, which will be reinforced with our united brand identity.”


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