Will Tesla Survive The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Some say Tesla will easily weather the storm, but others believe the entire EV market is headed for disaster.

No one can provide an answer to the above question with 100-percent certainty. Tesla CEO Elon Musk may be able to offer his well-informed opinion on the subject, but there are just so many variables. We don’t really have any idea when these uncertain times will come to an end.

With that said, depending on who you talk to, Tesla is either poised to weather this situation much better than traditional automakers, or it’s destined to fail rapidly. The interesting part here is that these two opposing opinions have followed Tesla since it first launched. There’s a camp that has been all but guaranteeing Tesla’s imminent bankruptcy and absolute failure for years, which is clearly opposed by another group that assert undying faith in the company’s future.

Thus far, the Tesla supporters have prevailed. No matter how much the Tesla skeptics continue to bank on Tesla’s upcoming bankruptcy, the company has surged forward and its market cap has soared to unreal levels. However, this situation is different. If Tesla failed now, it wouldn’t necessarily be because it was destined to die all along, but rather due to incredibly debilitating and unforeseen circumstances. Heck, at this point, there are people who will tell you our entire country is on a crash course to massive failure.

While there are too many unknowns to accurately predict what will happen for sure, we can look at the details and make some forecasts. Our friend Ben Sullins discusses Tesla’s future, or lack thereof. He believes the company will make it through, but it’s important to look at the numbers and the overall situation in detail. Check out the video and then scroll down and let us know your forecast in the comment section.

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Can Tesla Survive the Pandemic?

With the economy seeing a massive hit from the current pandemic, what does this all mean for Tesla? Can Tesla and the EV market survive this new recession? Telsa has actually made it through a recession before and came out stronger because of it.

But with the auto sales expected to decline in the United States in the coming months and Tesla factories closing to maintain social distancing orders, what does this ultimately mean for Tesla’s bottom line. Let’s free the data!

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