Will Tesla Model Y Launch Impact Model 3 Resale Value?

How’s the Model 3’s resale value going to hold up over time? An InsideEVs reader and Model 3 owner offers his take.

Will the Tesla Model Y drive the resale value of the Model 3 into the ground? That’s a question that InsideEVs reader Pete Bremy has seen come up in some online forums and particularly, in the largest Tesla Model 3 Facebook group which has about 65,000 members. 

So Pete reached out to us and asked if we would consider posting an article on the subject if he wrote it.

A little background: Pete is a professional musician and has been the bassist for the 60’s Classic Rock band Vanilla Fudge for the last ten years. Recently, he has become an advocate for electric cars. He owns a white 2019 Tesla Model 3 long-range AWD which he loves, and it’s his first electric car.