When Is the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV Going to Be Available?

Excited about Chevrolet’s 2024 Silverado EV pickup truck? Get ready to hurry up and wait to buy one, then. Despite unveiling the electric Silverado the first week in 2022, Chevy won’t actually begin deliveries until the spring of 2023. The rollout will be uneven, too, amongst the Silverado’s Work Truck, RST, and RST First Edition models; oh, and there is an off-road Trail Boss variant coming, too.

First out of the gate will be the Silverado EV Work Truck (WT), in the spring of 2023. Chevrolet says that, actually, only the version of the WT with the larger battery affording 400 miles of driving range will go on sale then. Later, a sub-400-mile Silverado EV WT that is promised to be the price leader of the lineup—ringing in at $41,595, per Chevy—will arrive.

It isn’t yet clear whether the cheapest Silverado EV WT will land before or after the Silverado EV RST models arrive in by fall 2023. The RST trim is the nicer, more mainstream (read: less basic) Silverado EV variant aimed at regular consumers. It will not be available for $41,595, we can assure you. The RST First Edition, a limited-run, highly optioned Silverado EV celebrating the truck’s arrival, is likely to go up against the pricier versions of Ford’s F-150 Lightning EV pickup.

Finally, we’ve yet to hear about other potential Silverado EV variants beyond the off-road Trail Boss; we don’t yet know when the Trail Boss will arrive, though based on Chevy’s imagery of a seemingly production-ready Silverado EV Trail Boss running around the desert and rock crawling, it might not be far behind the WT and RST versions.

You might not be getting your Silverado EV for a while, but you can order one now at Chevrolet’s website. Chevy asks only for a refundable $100 deposit.

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