What Not To Do In A Porsche Taycan

He’s lucky this didn’t turn out very bad.

We love acceleration videos just like everyone else. However, when we came across this video of a Porsche Taycan doing a zero to 180 km (112mph) run, we were a little hesitant to post it. After some internal deliberation, we decided to let the InsideEVs community see it, with the qualification that we remind everyone that this is exactly what NOT to do if you get the opportunity to drive a Porsche Taycan or any car for that matter.

You’ll see in the video, which we believe was recorded somewhere in Italy, the driver takes the Taycan from a standstill to 112 mph in just under 9 seconds. However, he does so on a small two-lane road passing blind driveways along the way where a car could pop out of at any moment. 

To make matters worse, it appears that he’s recording the video himself, using one hand to pilot the vehicle and the other to take a shaky video. Note the speed limit indicator is displaying 50 km, (31 mph) so the driver nearly quadruples the posted speed limit.