What Is The 2020 BMW 330e Like To Drive And Live With?

Conclusions are drawn after a weekend with the car and extensive photo gallery within.

It’s been a few days since I took back the BMW 330e after spending a few days with it and the main part of the experience for me was the performance. I was expecting it to be quick, having driven the previous incarnation of the model, but I wasn’t prepared for how quick and muscular it feels when I buried my right foot into the gas.

And because it wasn’t an all-wheel drive car which I got to drive on some quite rainy days, the rear end was quite happy to swing wide when coming out of corners hot. Only when I wanted it to, though, and this made it a lot of fun.

The performance for me dominated the driving experience, especially since acceleration was relentless regardless of where in the rev range it picked up, thanks to the 111 horsepower electric motor that’s encased in the eight-speed automatic gearbox. This really does feel like a nearly-300 horsepower car.

BMW has made it so the fact that it’s a plug-in hybrid doesn’t really dominate the experience. Leave it Hybrid mode, and it will work out for itself when and where to shut off the gasoline engine, when to run on electricity and when to run both power plants; it’s not really perceptible, although sometimes when the car is stopped and the engine starts, it does move the car a bit.