Watch This Video On Doing Your Own EV Conversion Or Build

It can be a really good decision, depending on what you want to get out of your project.

Roadshow’s Brian Cooley looks at the process and cost behind converting your own electric car, or in this case, putting an EV West electric powertrain (based around a Tesla motor) into the Factory Five 818 kit car.

On first impression, it really sounds like a very tempting and fun way to spend on an EV, especially since if you want to have a lot of fun behind the wheel of one, you currently have to shell out for a Porsche Taycan (which is really not cheap). And on second impression too, given the entire build (excluding labor costs) would set you back under $40,000.

But the 818 and the EV West electric powertrain designed specifically for it are an exception. Converting any other vehicle from running an internal-combustion engine to an electric motor and batteries could prove far trickier, especially since you’d have to do actual engineering work yourself.

Thankfully, there are companies out there that now offer electric crate motors which are designed to just slot into various cars. They’re not especially plentiful at the moment, but there are bound to be more such solutions offered in the near future, or whenever the new coronavirus releases its grasp on the world and things go back to normal.

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