Watch This Tesla Model Y Window Shatter On Its Own While Parked In Garage

Sadly, the Model Y also follows the Model 3 with this issue as well.

When a car presents a serious issue, it is worth writing about it even if it has apparently affected only one car. Making people aware of it is the best way to learn about other situations. That’s what happened when we wrote about Tesla Model 3 units in which their rear door glasses self-destructed. On October 15, Michael Fisher got in touch to report the same problem, but now with a Model Y, as the video above shows.

Fisher read our articles telling the stories of Jayakrishna Balaji Simma, Fernando Khounphithach, and Ameya Amritwar. Looking back, Amritwar’s situation is more closely related to that of Nathaniel Chien and the flying roof of his family’s Model Y than to these glasses that shatter spontaneously.