Watch This Tesla Model X Crash While Driving Quickly On Twisty, Icy Road

No matter what you drive, you really have to adjust your speed to road and weather conditions or you may regret it.

The Tesla Model X is one of safest vehicles in the world and it even holds the road quite well for an SUV. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impervious to bad weather, bad driving or a combination of both.

Check out this Tesla Cam video of a crash that this Model X owner says totaled his vehicle. We gather this from the video’s description which states that damages amounted to $150,000 – that’s more than the price of a new Model X Performance, so it’s either a misprint or it was uneconomical to repair the vehicle after the crash.

The accident could have been avoided by driving carefully and not at 60 mph as is stated in the video’s title. The weather is clearly very cold and the road is quite shiny too – it could just be wet, but based on the frozen surroundings, it’s probably black ice, one of drivers’ worst enemies.

Black ice is dangerous even at way lower speeds, but doing 60 mph on that twisty road in low grip conditions was definitely an accident waiting to happen. Thankfully, the driver came out of the wreck unscathed, although the same thing cannot be said about the car. His video shows the crash from four different exterior angles if you want to see it in all its detail.

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