Watch Tesla Model 3 Driver Try To Bait Model Y Performance Into A Race

You can hear the distinct differences in the rumble of the exhaust from these two Teslas.

A Tesla Model Y Performance pulls up next to a Model 3 at a stoplight. It’s race time, right? The windows roll down, the exhaust rumbles. It’s go time. Or is it?

As you may have already guessed from our reference to the exhaust rumble, this is meant to be humorous. There’s no street-racing action here. But rather, it’s just for laughs. Some dumb comedy to lighten your day, perhaps.

Before viewing the clip, we fully expected to see perhaps the first-ever race between a Tesla Model Y Performance and a Model 3. Admittedly, we were a bit disappointed, but then laughter ensued and, quite frankly, we all need a bit more of that right now.

Go ahead…listen to those Teslas rumble.

Video description via minMAXLife on YouTube:

Hello everyone.

I’ve always loved movies like The Fast and The Furious where two cars can just pull up next to each other, rev their engines, and that signals a race.

I wondered how two Tesla owners would accomplish the same Fast and Furious feel. Here’s a Tesla Model Y Performance pulling up next to my Model 3. How dare this driver challenge me! I’m going to bring it hard.


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