Watch Richard Hammond’s Tesla Model X Road Trip Video

The Grand Tour presenter shares his thoughts on long distance EV driving and Supercharging.

The last time Richard Hammond drove an electric vehicle on video, it ended really badly for both him and the car. In case you don’t remember, he crashed a Rimac all-electric supercar at the end of a hillclimb in Switzerland, while filming for an episode of The Grand Tour.

In his latest video aboard an EV, courtesy of DriveTribe, though, Hammond is thankfully not on fire or upside down. He tries out a Tesla Model X on a roadtrip in the U.K. and experiences the wonders of Tesla Superchargers for the first time.

This time, the only wrong thing he does is to take an unnecessary trip during the Coronavirus epidemic, in spite of being instructed (along with the rest of the British people) to avoid such trips. Oh, and he misses the entrance to a Supercharger station on the motorway and gets into a spot of range anxiety, but as he is keen to point out, it’s not the car’s fault, but his own.

Hammond isn’t as big an advocate for electric vehicles as his The Grand Tour co-presenter, James May, who owns electric vehicles and uses every chance he gets to praise them for their qualities. May was recently enticed to maybe swap his BMW i3 for the new MINI Cooper SE, but in the end he still preferred the BMW.

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