Watch Munro's Tesla Model Y Teardown Proceed: Floorpan, Wiring

Paint? You don’t need no stinking paint?

Sandy Munro continues his Tesla Model Y teardown video series on his Munro Live YouTube channel. In the video we bring to you today, Munro looks closely at the Model Y’s floorpan, EPP floor risers, and wiring and seat stanchions.

Munro starts off this segment looking at the underside of the Model Y’s front carpeting, and how Tesla wisely uses expanded polypropylene foam (EPP) to achieve the desired result. He likes how they use the EPP to raise the Model Y’s floor so Tesla can use the same floorpan for the Model Y as they do for the Model 3.

Sandy Munro removes the EPP attached to the underside of the carpet in the Model Y