Watch Munro Analyze Tesla Model Y Headliner, B Pillar, Wiring

And the theme of more good than bad continues.

As Sandy Munro continues his Tesla Model Y tear down video series, today’s video focuses on sun visors clips and headliner, B-pilar integration and what Sandy describes as questionable wiring trough modifications.

As has been the theme for most of the Model Y tear down videos, Munro is generally impressed, finding many improvements over the Model 3 he tore down in 2018. 

The one thing in this episode that I was really happy to see was the first thing Munro discusses. Unlike most cars, the Model Y doesn’t employ a clip to hold the sun visor in place. Instead, Tesla uses a magnet embedded into the visor. Munro said he’s never seen that in any other car he’s ever inspected. 

A broken Tesla Model 3 sun visor clip