Watch GMC Hummer Electric Truck Get Analyzed By E For Electric

No pictures yet, so E For Electric does its best to help you visualize the e-Hummer

We’ve covered our take on General Motors recent “EV Day”, but we’re always interested in hearing what other EV news sources have to say about current industry news. The YouTube channel E For Electric usually has its own unique take on things, so we occasionally bring their videos here for our readers to check out, as we’ve done here today.

There’s been a lot of news to digest from GM’s EV Day events, and our own Domenick Yoney has been doing a great job keeping our readers informed on what he learned. Unfortunately, GM wouldn’t allow pictures or videos to be taken during the media event, so everybody’s doing their best to explain what they saw without the usual visual assistance. 

E For Electric just posted this video in which they do their best to help viewers visualize what the upcoming GMC electric Hummer looks like. The official unveiling for the Hummer is set for May 20th, so we still have a little over two months before we get the real deal. Hopefully, after watching the video, you’ll get a better idea of where GM is going with their Hummer design language. 

One interesting thing mentioned was that the rear of the new Hummer looks more like an early-model Honda Ridgeline than any previous Hummer. The host also describes the Hummer’s overall design as “boring”, but in a good way as far as sales are concerned. 

So check out what Alex has to say and let us know what you think. Are you excited about GM’s recent announcements and apparent recommitment to electrification, or are you taking more of a wait-and-see approach? Let us know below in the comments section.




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