Volvo EX90 EV will use Nordico recycled fabric, sustainable wood trim; to get seven interior themes –

Volvo has released a video teaser for the upcoming EX90, and while there hasn’t been much of the vehicle seen in its entirety, the Swedish manufacturer has revealed part of the upcoming model’s interior.

More specifically, the interior focus is on the new material called Nordico, which is claimed to be more environmentally friendly. Nordico is made from textiles which are themselves made from recycled materials such as PET bottles and bio-attributed material from responsibly managed forests in Sweden and Finland.

Set to join the Nordico fabric in the upcoming EX90 is the use of Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood panels, and these will be backlit with warm light for a “Scandinavian living room atmosphere” and which evokes Nordic wilderness, says Volvo.

There will also be the option of wool seating upholstery for the EX90, and the fabric is certified to strict sustainability standards on animal welfare, environmental and social issues, the carmaker continued.

Volvo Embla (EX90) patent image

The EX90 will contain more recycled plastics in order to use less finite, primary resources in its manufacture, said Volvo, and the EX90 will contain nearly 50 kg of recycled plastics and bio-based materials, which the carmaker says is the highest amount of non-primary fossil-based materials in its line-up.

In addition to its use of sustainably sourced materials, the Volvo EX90 will also offer future owners the chance to personalise their vehicles’ interior appearance with the choice of seven different themes, or ‘rooms’ as Volvo calls it, where the interior deco and upholstery themes are coordinated with the vehicle’s exterior colours.

Volvo aims for each of the themes to provide a different character and a distinct ambience, each also inspired by “aspects of the Scandinavian lifestyle” and its influence by the natural surroundings of the far-north regions.

The interior design and composition of the Volvo EX90 continues decades of iteration and innovation. We see interior composition as a learning process that will continue overtime based on your feedback, in-house innovation and new responsible sourcing opportunities,” said Volvo Cars senior design manager Cecilia Stark.

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