Volkswagen To Deliver 30,000 ID.3 1ST At 'Almost The Same Time'

Volkswagen first produces the hardware, then will update the software and finally will deliver the ID.3 1ST to customers.

Over the past few months, we heard several unofficial reports that Volkswagen has “software problems” with its upcoming ID.3, which might even delay deliveries to customers (see one here and here). The German manufacturer denies the rumors and encourages that deliveries of ID.3 will start in Summer 2020.

“Timeframe confirmed: deliveries of ID.3 to start in the summer of 2020”

At first, Volkswagen produces (since November 2019) the launch edition of the car, called 1ST. Only 30,000 of the ID.3 1ST will ever be made and sold, despite the fact that the company has received more than 37,000 reservations.

According to the latest press release, Volkswagen produces ID.3 with an initial software version, which – as we understand – is not fully completed.

Over the coming months, once the additional functions are developed, the company will use over-the-air-updates (for the very first time in Volkswagen’s history) to update the software of the already existing cars.

“In the ID.3, Volkswagen has developed a completely innovative electric car. This will be the first updatable electric car from Volkswagen based on the modular electric drive toolkit (MEB). During production, the current software version will initially be transferred to the vehicle. Over subsequent months, the digital functions will be regularly updated.”

As the production continues, the ID.3 1ST cars – thousands of them – are stored on parking lots, specially reserved for this purpose.

We already saw those sites here:

Volkswagen ID.3 (Source: Battery Life)