Volkswagen Teases ID.4 Charging At IONITY Station

New video teaser suggests that the average charging power from 84 to 95% SOC is 32 kW (for the bigger battery).

While the world is waiting for the premiere of the Volkswagen ID.4, the manufacturer released a new teaser with a camouflaged prototype – this time to highlight the fast charging capability.

The ID.4 will be of course be equipped with a fast-charging inlet (different depending on the market – CCS Combo 1 in the North America, CCS Combo 2 in Europe/most of the world and most likely GB/T in China).

The European teaser shows the ID.4 at the IONITY fast-charging network. There are no details about the charging power, but we have noticed that at 95% state-of-charge (SOC), after accepting 11.4 kWh of energy, the car was still charging at 27.4 kW. It was at the 21:23 minute mark of the charging session.

Volkswagen ID.4 camouflaged prototype charging