Volkswagen ID.4 First Drive Review

We take the ID.4 out for a spin in New York City

The ID.4 is arguably the most important vehicle in Volkswagen’s new era of electrification. Therefore, we have been anxiously awaiting a chance to take one out for a proper test drive review. We got our chance to drive one last week, however, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we weren’t quite able to perform the full range of tests we like to do when we do our first-drive reviews. 

Still, even with the limited time and less than ideal driving conditions of the congested streets of New York City, we were able to learn some new things and form a solid opinion on the vehicle. 

Volkswagen had the official ID.4 reveal less than two weeks ago and will begin customer deliveries of the First Edition model before the end of 2020. When Volkswagen opened up online ordering in the US, the demand was so great that the flood of potential customers crashed the website.

The ID.4 we drove was a prototype and we had only 45 minutes with the vehicle. We were initially told that since we would be driving a pre-production prototype that no video or photos were going to be allowed (not completely unusual for prototype media drives), but we were later informed that we could photograph and take video but only inside the vehicle.