Volkswagen ID.3 EV continues to face software issues, sales launch may be delayed by up to a year – report

As of last December, Volkswagen reportedly decided to push ahead with production of its ID.3 fully electric hatchback despite software issues, though now it appears that those ‘massive’ software matters still persist and may force the Wolfsburg-based automaker to abandon the ID.3’s planned sales launch in the Northern Hemisphere summer, according to Manager Magazin.

Problems arose from the basic architecture of the car’s software which was developed ‘too hastily’, the German magazine wrote, citing Volkswagen experts. Many of the system’s elements are unable to understand each other, leading to dropouts and other difficulties, it said, while hundreds of the ID.3’s test drivers are reporting up to 300 logged errors a day.

More than 10,000 technicians have been tasked with solving the ID.3’s software troubles, a process that could push back the ID.3’s sales launch by up to a year, according to the report. At its unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show last September, the ID.3 has been listed from €30,000 (RM138,308), while the launch edition dubber the ID.3 1st starts from €40,000(RM184,411).

The earlier glitches reported in December by Manager Magazin meant that more then 20,000 ID.3s would have been built without a complete software suite, and this would require several teams of engineers to rectify at additional cost after the vehicles have left the production line.

Production of the Volkswagen ID.3 electric hatchback commenced in November at the automaker’s plant in Zwickau, Germany, and the automaker is using the remaining months until the initial deliveries of customer vehicles to repair issues that may surface upon further field testing, Automotive News Europe reported Volkswagen as saying, though as noted, the repairs could delay proceedings by up to a year.

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