Volkswagen EV Sales In U.S. Declined In Q1 2020

Electrification of the Volkswagen brand in the U.S. is moving slowly – e-Golf is declining, while the ID.3 is not even planned.

Volkswagen reports sales of 75,075 cars in the first quarter of 2020 (down 13%) in the U.S., but only less than half a percent were actually electric.

The general sales are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak (in March sales went down by 42% year-over-year).

The only plug-in model – the all-electric e-Golf – noted just 361 sales, which is 58% less than a year ago and just 0.48% of all VW (4.7% of Golfs).

Volkswagen e-Golf sales in the U.S. – Q1 2020

There are two major reasons for that – there is a ton of demand for the e-Golf in Europe and a necessity to sell a lot of e-Golfs in Europe to comply with new emission requirements.

That would basically explain why the volume is so marginal, even compared to the Nissan LEAF, to not search far.

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